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YEAR: 2018

TEAM: Aaron Neal, Tanner Nash (perspectives), and Lauren Wertz (plans).

INSTRUCTOR: Carla Keyvanian
Modern day Piazza Venezia is dominated by vehicles. The design intention of the piazza redesign was to reconnect the area by removing vehicular traffic, implementing four primary spaces of intervention, and redirecting attention to historical landmarks on the periphery of the piazza. The first design decision was to block the piazza off to on-coming traffic. Regulating lines were used from building entrances, major sight lines, present day circulation, quickest routes from entry points, and routes to major landmarks to determine paths. The last design decision was generated from four spaces of intervention; seating and gardens outside Palazzo Venezia, a tiered procession up to Capitoline Hill, a viewing space and stair sequence down into the ruins of Hadrian’s Auditorium, and an area for seating and observation that highlights the transept of Trajan’s Basilica.

Urban Context: before 1885
Roman Imperial Age
Traffic: existing
Traffic: proposed
Pedestrian: existing
Pedestrian: proposed
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